The Canadian Alliance for Healthy Heart and Minds Health Study is coming to Fort McKay!

The “Alliance” study is a study to try to understand the early causes and risk factors of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia. The study aims to improve our approaches to preventing these diseases

Significant health inequities exist between Canada’s First Nations people and other Canadians.

Being a part of the study involves

  • Questionnaires and assessment (physical measures, height, weight, etc.)
  • Blood draw / blood pressure
  • MRI – looks for early changes in the heart, brain, and abdominal area.  A mobile MRI scanner is expected to be in Fort McKay August/September 2017.

From the community, the study requires:

  • 200 participants from Fort McKay.
  • Men and Women age18-69 years.

Please see the complete pamphlet to see all the benefits of being a part of the study:  fort-mckay-brochure-march-2016

Mobile MRI interior