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Fort McKay First Nation Health Update

Fort McKay First Nation Health Update:

Fort McKay First Nation’s Health Centre operates with the mission to optimize the well-being of our community members. The Health Centre no longer provides for an on-site family physician. However, it is important that Members know and understand their rights in the health care system.

Like every other citizen located anywhere in Canada and whether living on or off Reserve, you have the right to choose your own family doctor. This is a very personal decision and one that is entirely up to the individual or parent to make for themselves and their children. The First Nation, Chief & Council, and the Health Centre staff is not involved in Member decisions at this highly personal level.

Whomever you want to be your doctor is up to you. Along with exercising your right of choice, if your family doctor is prepared to attend for a house call, it is also your right to invite your doctor to your home for the house call.
It is important that we correct the misunderstandings that have been expressed by some of our Members as well as the misinformation that appears to have been provided to some Members which is now circulating in the community. Fort McKay First Nation has not barred or prevented any physician from attending a patient who happens to be a Fort McKay First Nation Member and will not do so in the future.

If you are looking for a family physician there are a number of online resources provided by Alberta Health, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and Primary Care Networks as follows:

Members are always welcome to access the available services provided at the Health Centre including, if you need it, help in accessing information to find a family doctor.

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