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Fort McKay First Nation School Information
Opening 2022

Elsie Fabian School Brochure

Fort McKay New School Project

Elsie Fabian School, the new Fort McKay First Nation School, continues to progress through its concept development stage. The construction stage is anticipated to begin in late 2019, with a planned grand opening in Fall 2022.

The new school design has included collaborative work between Workun Garrett Partnership Architects and Fort McKay First Nation.

Chief and Council support the construction of a new Fort McKay First Nation facility and instructed the Architects to prepare a next to final concept based on the following parameter:

  • a Kindergarten through to a grade 9 facility designed for later expansion to include grades 10 through to grade 12,
  • a budget of thirty million dollars ($30,0 M) and
  • a footprint of approximately 5,000 square meters.


The Elsie Fabian School will have:

  • full-sized gymnasium,
  • Career and Technology Foundations facilities
  • Classrooms that are inviting to learning
  • The grounds are planned to facilitate a variety of sporting activities


This exciting initiative will have a major impact on the Fort McKay First Nation Community with all the possibilities that go with a school built for Fort McKay students, parents and the community.

The school programs that are currently in development will include academic programs that incorporate both the Dene and Cree Language, and culture and Land-Based Education where students will learn about their rich local history.

Fort McKay School

Fort McKay School is a Community Based School that offers Kindergarten to Grade Six. The school’s ongoing four goals are: to Improve Literacy, to Improve Attendance, to Infuse More Indigenous Knowledge into the Curriculum, and to Enhance Parental and Community Engagement. Fort McKay School falls within Northland School Division No. 61. Ruth Ryan is the Principal of the Fort McKay School.

Fort McKay School
General Delivery
Fort McKay, Alberta T0P 1C0
Phone: (780) 828-4222 or (780) 828-4374
Fax: (780) 828-4254

Keyano College Learning Centre

The Keyano College Learning Centre is a satellite campus of Keyano College located in the basement of the Dorothy McDonald Business Centre. Programs include Family Literacy, Adult Literacy, and College Preparation. College Preparation is geared toward helping adult learners complete their grade 12 equivalency, or to meet college entrance requirements. Semesters are from September to December and from January to April. Spring sessions (May to June) may be offered, depending on enrollment.

Community Access Point Facilitator
Phone: (780) 828-2433

The Fort McKay E-Learning Centre

Fort McKay E-Learning is an alternative learning centre for students who are not attending mainstream schools in Fort McMurray. The classroom is located on Fort McKay Road in the E-Learning Centre Building.

Student Enrollment Information:

  • Junior High Program: grades 7 to 9.
  • Senior High Program: grades 10 to 12 and adult upgrading students.
  • Average enrollment: 15 full-time students per semester.
  • Staff: 1 classroom teacher and Education Assistant.


Academic Information:

  • Core Courses are delivered both online through SCcyber and Alberta Distance Learning Module courses.
  • Students earn locally developed “Special Project” credits delivered through experiential learning opportunities in cultural teachings, crafts, art, mental health, and health-related workshops, and volunteer work.
  • Career and Technology Studies credits through taking Regalia making in Fashions Studies, Foods courses, and work-related safety courses.
  • E-Learning is committed to engaging students in Physical Education through daily classes at the Fitness Centre, McKay School Gymnasium, Arena, Powwow Dance Practice, and attending monthly Physical Education trips to places like MacDonald Island Park and Vista Ridge.


Proven Success:

  • The goal of the E-Learning Program is to assist students to be more self-sufficient by developing their sense of self-esteem and providing a learning environment where they can be successful.
  • Operating since 2005 with a total of 39 graduates.
  • The last 6-years have been particularly successful with 20 graduates.

Fort McKay E-Learning Centre
General Delivery
Fort McKay, Alberta T0P 1C0
Phone: (780) 792-8538 for Ona Fiddler-Berteig
Phone: (780) 215-5868 for Casey Howlett

Post-Secondary Education Support Program

The objective of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program is to provide support to Fort McKay Band members who are pursuing access to upgrading and post-secondary education and to graduate with the skills and competencies needed to pursue individual careers and to contribute to the advancement of First Nations self-governance and economic self-reliance and to help promote a culture of life-long learning within the community of Fort McKay.

As of the 2018/2019 School year, 26 Fort McKay Band members accessed Post-Secondary Education Support and 4 students graduated from their programs.

To obtain an application package, learn about the level of support available, and Post-Secondary Policies contact the Post-Secondary Education Coordinator at the Fort McKay First Nation Education Department office located in the basement of the Dorothy McDonald Business Centre.

FMFN Education Department
Dororthy McDonald Business Centre
Phone: (780) 828 2429
Fax: (780) 828 4680

Transportation and Commuting Students

FMFN Education Department maintains a fleet of two to three buses that safely transport our students to and from Fort McMurray schools every day. As of the 2018/2019 school year, 108 students commuted on the bus to attend schools in Fort McMurray.

School options are selected based on start times and efficient bus routes:

  • Father Patrick Mercredi Community School
  • Holy Trinity High School
  • St. Anne’s School
  • Sister Mary Phillips
  • Elsie Yanik School
  • Christina Gordon


The Education Department is located in the basement of the Dorothy McDonald Business Centre. Please come by to pick up the Student and Parent Handbook for commuting students, which details information that pertains to transportation, attendance, tutoring, school fees and school supply reimbursement.

Fort McKay Bussing
Dorothy McDonald Business Centre
Phone: (780) 828 2451 or (587) 645 1572

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