Land Code

Fort McKay First Nation Land Code Initiative

Official Count Declaration of the
Fort McKay First Nation Land Code Vote.

Fort McKay First Nation – Notice of Vote – Land Code Ratification

NEW – Fort McKay – Notice of Vote – Reschedule – final version signed

Fort McKay FIrst Nation – Ratification Process – Procedural Amendment No. 1

FMFN – Procedural Amendment #2- Vote postponement – signed

What is the Land Code?

The land code is Fort McKay First Nation’s own land law that will replace the 44 land management sections of the Indian Act that enabled the federal government to manage our lands.

Why is it important to Fort McKay First Nation?

Currently, the use, occupation, and protection of Fort McKay reserve land are determined by the Indian Act and policies set by officials from Indigenous Services Canada. As your leaders, the Chief and Council will always have a say in how our reserve land is managed, but ultimately the final decisions are made by the Government of Canada.

Under the Land Code, Fort McKay First Nation can manage reserve land and resources under its own Land laws, regulations and policies, and the Government of Canada will no longer have any say in how Fort McKay chooses to use, occupy, and protect its reserve land.

How is Land Code approved?

On January 11th, 2023, Fort McKay First Nation will hold a Land Code ratification vote. All Eligible voters (FMFN Members 18+ years of age) will be asked to vote to approve the Land Code and Individual Agreement. Voting ‘yes’ for the Land Code and Individual Agreement means that Fort McKay First Nation will opt out of the 44 sections of the Indian Act that deal with land management and take back control over its reserve land and resources.

We will have in-person polling stations in Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, and Edmonton, and NEW this year we will be using electronic online voting through the OneFeather e-voting platform. Click here to go to Fort McKay First Nation’s exclusive OneFeather landing page where you access and confirm your own unique account. Mail-in ballots will be provided to an Eligible voter upon request.


Want more information?

If you would like more information on the Land Code initiative or would like to request hard copies of any of the documents relating to the Land Code vote, please contact the Fort McKay Lands and Leasing Department:

Carie Santo, Land Governance and Planning Analyst

Tel: 587.644.4887