Moose Lake Information

Moose Lake Winter Camp 2021

For all Fort McKay Community Members who are interested in staying at the Paradise Bay camp during the winter months, please note the cabins will be open for overnight visitors.

COVID-19 guidelines have limited the number of spaces, and to ensure the health and safety of our members, you will need to reserve your cabin prior to your travel.

Please contact Audrey Redcrow at 780.215.2384 to arrange accommodations.

Important Information:
  1. There is limited cell service on the road
  2. Distance to Paradise Bay is 65 km
  3. Drive time is approx. 2.5 hrs one way
  4. No bathroom facilities on the winter road
  5. There is full Cell service at Paradise Bay – please note during bad weather reception may be poor
  6. There are cameras on the cell tower overlooking Paradise Bay camp
  7. No cell service in areas surrounding the lake both upper and lower Gardiner
  8. There are outhouses at Paradise Bay
  9. First Aid kits are available at the camp
  10. There are wood stoves in the cabins
  11. Bring your own firewood
  12. Dress warm


There are limited supplies during the winter stay, so please ensure you are prepared for your stay!

Suggested Camp packing checklist:

Cell phone/satellite phone
2-way radios
Extension cords
Propane Cookstove
Propane lanterns
Air mattress
Mattress pump
Coolers for food storage
Chain saw
Warm clothing and footwear
Toilet paper
Garbage Bags
Cleaning and safety supplies – dish detergent, dish rags, Lysol wipes, hand towels, hand sanitizer etc.
Tow rope/sling

Keep it Clean and Serene!

Remember this area is shared for all members to enjoy. All visitors must clean up after themselves.

Upon Arrival:
1. Take a photo of the cabin and facilities

Upon your departure:
1. Take your trash home with you and dispose of it in McKay
2. Extinguish your fires
3. Clean cabins/kitchen / Tidy outhouse (there are brooms, mops, and pails available)
4. Take a photo of the cabin and facilities

Any Suggestions for camp maintenance can be forwarded to Audrey Redcrow at

Be safe and enjoy your stay at Paradise Bay!