New School

Fort McKay New School Project

Elsie Fabian School, the new Fort McKay First Nation School, continues to progress through its concept development stage. The construction stage is anticipated to begin in late 2019, with a planned grand opening in Fall 2022.

The new school design has included collaborative work between Workun Garrett Partnership Architects and Fort McKay First Nation.

Chief and Council support the construction of a new Fort McKay First Nation facility and instructed the Architects to prepare a next to final concept based on the following parameter:

  • Kindergarten through to a grade 9 facility,
  • A budget of thirty million dollars ($30,0 M) and
  • A footprint of approximately 5,000 square meters.
The Elsie Fabian School will have:
  • Full-sized gymnasium with a second-story running track.
  • Career and Technology Foundations facilities.
  • Classrooms that are inviting to learning.
  • The grounds are planned to facilitate a variety of sporting activities.

This exciting initiative will have a major impact on the Fort McKay First Nation Community with all the possibilities that go with a school built for Fort McKay students, parents, and the community.

The school programs that are currently in development will include academic programs that incorporate both the Dene and Cree Language and culture and Land-Based Education where students will learn about their rich local history.



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