Human Resource Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the delivery of strategic human resources functions of the Fort McKay First Nation. The department has the following units;

Organizational Development (OD)
Responsible for:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Succession Planning
  • HRIS

Employee Relations & Wellness
Responsible for:

  • Labour Relations
  • Employee Health and Benefits
  • Registered Retirement Pension
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Family Assistant Program (EFAP)

HR has a staff complement of 5 members:

HR Director
HR Advisor
Senior Advisor Recruitment & HR Projects
HR Coordinator
HR Assistant

To transform the Human Resources Department into a strategic HR function and business partner of FMFN to ensure delivery of quality human resources management systems to enable FMFN to realise and achieve its strategic goals.

The Department is charged with the attainment of the following responsibilities, among others:

  • To create a strategic recruitment strategy to market FMFN as the employer of choice, identify the target audience, build social media networks, attract the right talent.
  • To formulate, review and implement HR policies, procedures, and practices including guidelines for HR operations that would enable the organization to attract, retain, motivate and reward suitably qualified, experienced staff.
  • Implement an Applicant Tracking System to create and identify a pool of candidates for future needs.
  • Develop and effect rapid Interviewing and onboarding strategies to secure qualified talent in a quick turnaround.
  • To promote organizational climate, which will encourage a culture of teamwork, Community Customers Service and performance excellence in order to become a high performing organisation.
  • Embark on human resources forecasting and planning in collaboration with department directors, managers, recruitment, and planning committees.
  • Labour /Employee Relations – to facilitate a professional working environment and work collaboratively with the Occupational Health and Safety Department in their implementation of health and safety standards in the workplace in order to ensure compliance with national health and safety standards.
  • Coordinate and facilitate capacity building, professional and training development of staff in order to enhance performance and service excellence.
  • Conduct research and ensure compensation and benefits are attractive enough to attract and retain qualified personnel. Review salaries and ensure internal equity and external benchmarking.
  • Delivery employee services programs that support a healthy and welcoming work environment.
  • Develop and deliver in house training seminar-style workshops.
  • Provide leadership training, coaching and mentoring for new supervisors and managers.
  • Succession planning- develop and implement succession plans.
  • Professional Development- identify professional development needs for employees.
  • Create training and development plans and career growth plans


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