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COMMUNITY NOTICE: Water Main Flushing


To Members of Fort McKay First Nation

COMMUNITY NOTICE: Maintenance: Water Main Flushing

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) will be flushing the pipes in the Community of Fort McKay First Nation, starting today, February 19th.  RMWB has an annual water main flushing program aimed at reducing the sediments within the water mains that normally collect.

“Sediment accumulation happens every year, however given the recently reported incidents of brownish water, we feel the need to start our annual spring flushing sooner. The purpose is to flush out the water mains and remove any sediment that may have deposited over the winter months” said James Owl, Director of Major Projects and Construction.

“It’s a way to clear out the system and ensure that during our peak demand in the spring and summer, there’s no build-up in the pipes.”

In most cases, residents won’t notice a change in their water.  However, in some situations, depending on how much sediment may be in the pipes, they may see discolored water while the process is taking place.

Please refer to the “Water Quality Fact Sheet 01” for more information.

Residents whose water does not clear up are asked to contact the numbers listed on the fact sheet.

RMWB and the Capital Projects team would like to reiterate the brown water isn’t dangerous.  The sediments being flushed are not harmful; they are natural but can affect the clarity of water.

Most of the flushing will happen overnight and take a few days to complete.

780.799. 7493 (RMWB) or 780.215.0127 (FMFN)

Water Fact Sheet 01

Water Frequently Asked Questions